Thanksgiving Safety Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Holiday cheer is in the air, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we look forward to spending precious time with loved ones. Since our furry friends are essential to our lives, keeping them safe and well during the celebrations is our first concern. We’ll review some crucial Thanksgiving safety advice in this blog post to ensure your four-legged companions have as much fun as you do.

1. Mind the Menu

While treating your pet to some Thanksgiving delights is tempting, not all human foods are safe for them. Avoid sharing the following foods with your pets:

Bones: Cooked bones can splinter, pose a choking hazard, or cause severe internal injuries.

Onions and Garlic: These ingredients, common in holiday dishes, can be toxic to pets.

Fatty Foods: Rich, fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis in pets.

Chocolate and Grapes: These are toxic to both dogs and cats.

Alcohol: Keep alcoholic beverages out of reach. Even small amounts can be harmful.

2. Safe Treats Only

Choose pet-friendly products to offer your pet a special treat on Thanksgiving. Think about making some pet-safe snacks ahead of time to keep on hand.

3. Secure the Trash

Thanksgiving dinner produces plenty of tasty, yet sometimes dangerous, leftovers. Ensure your garbage can is well closed to keep your curious pet from getting into it and eating something hazardous.

4. Create a Safe Space

Some pets could feel overwhelmed by the hectic atmosphere of holiday get-togethers. Consider creating a calm, secure area where your pet can hide when needed if they are a stressed or nervous pet.

5. No Table Scraps

Instruct your visitors not to give your pet leftovers from the meal. Even though those puppy-dog looks are difficult to avoid, keeping a regular and nutritious diet is crucial.

6. Decorate with Care

Pets may find holiday decorations appealing but may pose a risk if consumed. Electrical cables and ornaments should be kept out of reach.

7. Watch the Door

There’s a chance that your pet will leave the house without being detected when people come and go. Ensure that your pet has an up-to-date microchip and collar for accurate identification.

8. Emergency Numbers

In the event of an emergency, it’s a good idea for conscientious pet owners to keep their veterinarian’s contact details and the number for an emergency veterinary facility close at hand.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and thankfulness. By adhering to these safety precautions, you can ensure that your pet participates in the festivities without endangering their health and well-being. We hope you and your furry friends have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving full of love, laughter, and delectable food (for both people and pets) from our veterinary family to yours! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any worries regarding the health or welfare of your pet over the holidays. We can assist you!