More Wellness, Less Hassle

At Urbanvet, we believe in preventative measures to encourage a healthy and long life for our patients, giving you the opportunity to maximize the amount of time with your fur babies. To keep your pet healthy and ahead of common diseases, we have curated optimal wellness plans that keep your pet healthy and reduce the stress of annual lump sump bills for simple wellness & preventative care visits.

Our advanced digital healthcare system & efficient protocol helps us lower our cost, which is passed on to our members! Enjoy low deferred monthly costs, & the gold-standard preventative measures in the industry.

Membership Benefits

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24/7 Telemedicine

Connect by chat or phone to speak to a veterinary professional*. Whenever, wherever.

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Any & all vaccines based on your pets lifestyle & your preferences.

vet with a kid holding a dog

Unlimited Consults with Platinum plan*

Access to any UrbanVet location, any time of the year, at no additional cost.

*Urgent-care/ER visits not included

Simply select the plan that fits
your budget & preferences

Gold-Standard Preventative Care


Over $300 in savings annually!

One time enrollment fee of $65

  • Two Exams per Year* (does not include ER/urgent care visit)
  • All Core Vaccinations (Annual vaccines only – puppy/kitten boosters not included)
  • Two Fecal Exam (For healthy pets)
  • Annual Heartworm Test (Dogs)
  • Annual Heartworm + Feline Aids + Feline Leukemia Test (Cats)
  • One Full Screen Blood Test (CBC, Chem, Thyroid)
  • One Urine Test
  • 12 -month Flea & tick preventative
  • 12-month Heartworm + intestinal parasite preventative
  • 24/7 telemedicine

*Exclusions include urgent-care visit; prescription/OTC meds, food and specialty services provided by specialists such as Ultrasounds.

Pets must be over 16 weeks of age to qualify. Or on a Puppy/Kitten package for the first year.

Puppy/Kitten package can be added for an additional 35$ a month for 1 year!

The Optimal Wellness Plan

UrbanPet Platinum

Over $600 in savings every 12 months!

One time enrollment fee of $65

  • All perks of UrbanPet+
  • Unlimited Exams per Year* (ER/urgent care Visit not included)
  • Unlimited Vaccinations (Puppy/kitten boosters+ Core+ Optionals according to your pets need – all included)
  • Unlimited Fecal Exam (When recommended by a veterinarian)
  • One Dental Cleaning under anesthesia (extractions + related charges such as medications are an additional cost)
  • One Spay or Neuter (for pets less than 5 years old)​
  • Free shipping on medications
  • 10% off on all other in-house services/surgeries

*Discounted Services do NOT include urgent-care/ER exam fees, prescription/OTC meds, & specialist charges (ultrasound, etc).

No age restriction to start the plan.

UrbanCat Wellness Plan

$65/one time enrollment fee


  • Two Exams per Year
  • 24/7 telemedicine
  • All Annual Core Vaccinations
  • Two Fecal Exam [For healthy pets]
  • One Full Screen Blood Test [CBC, Chem, Thyroid]
  • One Urine Test
  • Deworming
  • 12-month Flea and Tick Preventative

Frequently asked questions

How much are memberships?

There are two plans to choose from, UrbanPet+ and UrbanPet Platinum, both include gold-standard preventative care including visits, vaccines, and annual tests. The platinum goes beyond the basics and includes spay or neuter procedure for young pets & dentistry every year.

UrbanPet+ Plan: $80/month
UrbanPet Platinum Plan: $190

Puppy and kitten package : $35/month for first year only. This will include 4 visits with all 4 rounds of vaccines, which otherwise can add up to $1000 total!!

What does it mean to be a member?

Membership provides you access to our wellness plans designed to set up your pet for a long and healthy life. As an UrbanPet member, you are committing to the care of your pet for 12 months. An enrollment fee of $65 is required at the start of any wellness plan.

Do I need to be a member to bring my pet to Urbanvet?

No – at this time we are taking in all patients with any need. This is subject to change in the future, based on availability. We do highly recommend membership because it provides our clients an effortless way to ensure the health of their pet is covered by our wellness plans, without hurting their pockets in one lump-sum bill.

Can I cancel my membership?

Although membership is based on an annual model, you are able to cancel anytime – unlike other providers in our industry. You will be subject to cover costs of all services that were rendered prior to cancelation. You will also receive an email a few weeks before your annual renewal that gives you the option of canceling at that time. Read more about our cancellation policy in our Terms of Service.

Do you accept pet insurance?

YES! We accept all forms of pet insurance. We will even help you submit your claims. Most services provided by our Memberships are not be covered by most insurance plans – however they provide excellent coverage for injury, illness, or other emergencies. While the membership covers all your pets preventative services, including common annual lab tests. We can help guide you in choosing the best insurance plan for your pet.