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Pet Virtual Care

At Urbanvet, we understand the unique link you have with your pets. We aim to give more than medical treatment by bridging the gap between your pet’s well-being and hectic lifestyle.

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Experience Unparalleled Pet Virtual Care


At UrbanVets, we understand that your pet’s health and well-being are top priorities, no matter the circumstances. That’s why we are excited to offer pet virtual care, a convenient and innovative way to ensure your furry companions receive expert medical attention, even from the comfort of your home. 

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Benefits of Our Pet Virtual Care Service

  • Personalized Attention: Urbanvet’s virtual consultations offer a one-on-one experience with our experienced veterinarians. 
  • Common Concerns, Expert Solutions: Our virtual care isn’t just a substitute—it’s a comprehensive solution for common pet health concerns. Experience guidance and preliminary treatment suggestions for:
    1. Skin and ear irritations, lesions, and bumps
    2. Coughing and sneezing
    3. Mild gastrointestinal distress and soft stool
    4. Limping and other mobility concerns
    5. Behavioral changes
  • Stress-Free Environment: Pets can often feel anxious in clinical settings. With Urbanvet’s virtual consultations, your pet remains in their comfort zone, promoting relaxation and aiding in accurate assessments.
  • Swift Support: When time is of the essence, our virtual consultations ensure rapid access to our skilled veterinarians. Gain peace of mind knowing that help is just a video call away.

Virtual veterinary consultations are a valuable supplement, not a replacement, for in-person visits. Our virtual care is designed to accommodate pet parents with limitations in bringing their pets to the clinic. In-person evaluations remain essential for complex cases and emergencies.